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The Apple iPhone 5S rumors are continuously coming, this time the news is about the processor Apple’s next iPhone could have on board.

This time iPhone 5S News Come From a Fox News Reporter

Clayton Morris shared all this on his twitter account that iPhone 5S is going to be powered by Apple’s own A7 SoC by claiming that inside sources of Apple told him this. According to the inside sources the new A7 processor is 31% faster as compared the previous A6 processor chip present in Apple iPhone 5.

Since both the CPU and GPU are included on the SoC, it is not confirmed that the 31% increased speed is related to which one of them. Apple A7 is a 64 bit processor that will enable iPhone 5S to better handle graphical animations, as well as the overall performance of Apple’s next iPhone model.

IPhone 5S rumors

iPhone 5S in Three Different Colors

New Camera Chip on iPhone 5S

Clayton Morris also said that there will be a separate chip that is expected to bring motion tracking feature to the iPhone 5S, and it will be a part of the camera package of the Apple’s next iPhone . This separate camera chip could also be used for the camera’s post processor this is what the speculation says about this chip.

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Do you remember that the 5S and iPhone 5c are supposedly to be unveiled on September 10th this year? Any special plans for released date of the iPhone 5S?