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(Technology Tribune) – Facebook is a social networking giant that makes it to be responsible to take enough care of the data they get from their users.  Facebook has admitted exposing 6 million FB users personal information to unauthorized viewers over the past year.  The company has admitted to personal data leaks which includes phone numbers and email addresses of users.

The data leaks began in 2012, on a technical glitch in its stored documents. But the Facebook security team was only alerted to the bug last week, which took 24 hours to fix the particular bug. The company published “Important message” on its official blog explaining the security issue.

Facebook spokesperson said, “We recently received a report to our White Hat program regarding a bug that may have allowed some of a person’s contact information (email or phone number) to be accessed by people who either had some contact information about that person or some connection to them”.


Facebook Compromises Important User Info

They Further said, “Some of the information used to make friend recommendations and reduce the number of invitations we send was inadvertently stored in association with people’s contact information as part of their account on Facebook.”

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After detecting the breach Facebook immediately disabled the DYI (Download Your Information) tool and fixed the huge security issue which their users faced.

According to Reuters, This breach happened due to an agreement between the US government and some US based top level consumer internet companies including Facebook, Google Inc, Microsoft Corp, Apple Inc and Yahoo Inc.