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According to Wall Street Journal reports, Google and Audi are going to target the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show Next Week

Google and Audi are working hand in hand to bring in Android based infotainment systems on board, which will allow the drivers to access Google maps, and several other services provided by the Mobile OS giant on Android based Tablet PCs and smartphones.

Google and Audi Announced their collaboration nearly 7 months after Apple announced iOS in the Car

Apple has already announced its plans for iOS in the Car, where iPhones will be integrated with the infotainment system of the vehicles. Apple is also planning on to provide similar services as that of Google like maps, messages and so forth. However, Google and Audi have the idea of running the Android  based apps on car’s own hardware instead of any integration with an Android based smartphone or a Tablet PC.

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Google and Audi Confronting iOS in Mobile OS Wars

Google and Audi Confronting iOS in Mobile OS Wars

Google and Audi isn’t the first consortium, and many more might have to come!

Google and Audi have made this alliance, which most of us might think as threatening to Apple. However, Apple isn’t far behind the game. Apple has reportedly received support from some great American, European and Japanese car manufacturers like BMW, General Motors, Daimler, Honda, Ferrari and Mercedes-Benz.

Some of the Audi drivers have already accessed Android apps through their cars. This is because Audi rolled out Tegra-powered entertainment and infotainment systems in its cars. This happened the same year when Audi came up with the demonstration of cars that could automatically navigate through parking lots without any driver needed behind the wheel.

The idea of using operating systems isn’t that much new now. Ford can be considered as the pioneer in this regard, as it has rolled out nearly 10 million cars over the course of last six years, which were installed with Microsoft Sync platform to support in-car infotainment and connectivity systems. Similarly GM has also announced some of its projects for the year 2014. Nokia has also developed Here Auto system, which it is planning on to sell on car companies.

Such sort of cars completely indicated with smart operating systems will hit the markets in the next four or five years. Let’s see, which mobile OS companies get alliances with which car manufacturers. This is for sure that Google will move on to other car manufacturers and the love story between Google and Audi is not the end of it.